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Request for student veteran's participation in study on academic success and barriers

Dear Student Veteran:

You may have already received this email, if so, thank you for your service! If not, please help us to help student veterans achieve their academic goals. We know that student veterans bring a unique set of skills to their academic pursuits. Our goal is to help student veterans use these skills to be successful in school and their careers.

To do this, we are conducting a research study to understand the factors that best predict academic success for student veterans (for example, university support, support from family), and which factors can stand in the way of that success. We can use this information to create programs that help veterans achieve their goals and obtain meaningful employment after graduation.

Please help us by responding to our survey in the link below. The survey will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Upon the completion of each survey, you have the option to enter into a raffle for an iPad mini (we expect to give away 5 each questionnaire).

We will be collecting data at the beginning AND end of four semesters. You will have the opportunity to participate in these follow up surveys. You will have a chance of winning an iPad mini each time you complete a survey in each new phase.

To take the survey, click on the following link:

It is important that we get as many student veterans to respond as possible. This will give us a complete understanding of what leads to academic success. Please consider forwarding this invitation to other student veterans. Thanks for your help with this, and thank you for your service.


This email address is not monitored with regularity and is only used for research recruitment purposes. Email is not a confidential form of communication and no private or personal information should be transmitted. Note: research approved by University at Albany Institutional Review Board, Protocol # 15E07502. University at Albany Office of Research Compliance: 518-437-4569

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