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Wayne Hall Scholarship for 2016 announced.

$5,000 Wayne M. Hall Scholarship

The Military Intelligence Corps Association (MICA) is pleased to announce that nominations for the Annual Hall Scholarship awards are now open. The Hall Scholarship program recognizes the professional excellence of Intelligence Analysts and Collection Managers. A group of former Intelligence Senior officers continue to sustain the Hall Scholarship Fund. MICA is the executive agent and steward for this scholarship program. Applicants for the Hall Scholarship award should be MICA members. All intelligence analysts or collection managers are eligible for the scholarship. The focus however is on mid-grade civilians, NCO’s and Warrant Officers who are assigned to units or agencies focused on conducting analysis or who deeply involved in the process of collection information and intelligence to support Commanders. MICA will award one $5,000 scholarship. The awardee will be required to use the scholarship to further their advanced analysis education on the concept, theory and techniques supporting the analysis or collection of intelligence information. All scholarships will be deposited into the College or University Bursar’s account of the winner.

Scholarship Requirements:

All nominees must complete the following tasks to be eligible for the Scholarship:

Requirement 1:

Read either Intelligence Analysis – How to Think in Complex Environments, Hall and Citrenbaum, Praeger Publishing, 2009, or Intelligence Collection – How to Plan and Execute Collection in Complex Environments. Hall and Citrenbaum, Praeger Publishing, 2012. Both are available in hardcopy and electronic formats.

Requirement 2:

Produce a three to five page white paper summarizing the key theories former and concepts from Intelligence Analysis - How to Think in Complex Environments or Intelligence Collection - How to Plan and Execute Collection in Complex Environments.

The White Paper shall be submitted in MS Word. Include your name and contact information on the first page. Use Arial font, size 12, single space paragraphs and double space between paragraphs.

Requirement 3:

Prepare a briefing of five slides on their synthesis of advanced analysis as articulated in Intelligence Analysis – How to Think in Complex Environments or their synthesis of advanced collection as articulated in Intelligence Collection – How to Plan and Execute Collection in Complex Environments. Use Power Point for the slide briefing, add a cover/title page that includes your contact information and unit of assignment. Use Arial font, size 18 for bullets, and Arial font, size 24 for the slide headers on the remaining five slides. Requirement 4:

Submit the white paper and briefing (as attachments) via e-mail to:, no later than 28 February 2016.

MAIL Courtesy Hardcopy (encouraged, but not required) to: Military Intelligence Corps Association P.O. Box 13020 Fort Huachuca, Arizona 85670-3020 Measure of Merit:

MICA will convene a five person board to evaluation submissions. Once each submission has been reviewed, the scholarship board will submit the final nominees to Brigadier General (Retired) Wayne M. Hall and Dr. Gary Citrenbaum. They will select the scholarship winner and report their results to the MICA Executive Committee who will make the award announcement NLT than 15 April 2016. The selection committee will use a numeric rating of 1 to 10 (with one being the lowest and ten the highest grade) to evaluate submissions. Each submission that meets the requirements listed above will get a numeric grade on the following areas, for a total of fifty (50) possible points:

  • Content and quality of the briefing = 10 points.

  • Content and quality of the white paper = 10 points.

  • Illustrate an understanding of concepts and theory of Advanced Analysis or Advanced Collection within the briefing and white paper = 30 points.


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