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New Members

As of tonight (October 9, 2015) we conducted a membership drive and during the process we increase the Henley-Putnam University - Student Veterans Association with the following new members.

Lazaro A.

Nicholas B.

Benjamin P.

Katharin R.

Billy T.

Ronald W.

Bill W.

Scott Y.

Anthony R.

Robert M.

Anthony C.

Mike C.

We would like to welcome the new members and say thank you the team that put the membership drive together and participated. As we come to a close to this calandar year, the current Leadership Board has done an outstanding job in standing up the SVA here at HPU. The membership drive was a success and we thank all the Veterans that participated and those that would like to participate in the future.

In closing, we are coming up to the end of year for this board and would like to put a warm welcome to anyone that would be willing to run for any of the current position on the Leadership Board. We are conducting a Position Nomination that is on the main page and it will be active until the night of December 15, 2015 (2359 WST). As we know that Veterans are spread around the world, we ask that nominate early, so between December 16-17, 2015 everyone will be able to see who the nominees are and will be able to vote for the new HPU-SVA Leadership Board and begin the transition by January 1-2, 2016.


HPU-SVA Leadership Board

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