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Case Study: Knowledge is Power (Corporate Learning Strategies)

The Problem

The Fullbridge Program, a leader in higher education and corporate learning programs, had a disruptive new corporate learning and development tool that could provide state of the art solutions to a number of business training challenges. Fullbridge had hired a marketing agency to assist them with positioning the new product, but they needed additional insights on their target market (i.e. industry landscape, competitor roadmap, attributes of a successful program, etc.) in order to ensure a successful launch. Until they gained this information, the Fullbridge team had no way of knowing if their positioning and product messaging would be successful.

Critical Issues

Strategic Guidance Time constraints Buyer Perspective

The Solution

Maven proposed conducting a virtual ThinkTank of corporate learning professionals and HR executives that would allow Fullbridge and their marketing agency to capture reactions to a number of product positioning and messaging strategies. Within three days, Maven had identified and empaneled a dozen Fortune 500 corporate learning professionals. The marketing agency provided a qualified facilitator who led a detailed 5-day discussion of Fullbridge’s strategy, capturing detailed insights on potential customers’ reactions to how the new corporate learning tool was being positioned. The ThinkTank participants critiqued the strategy, suggesting (and ultimately developing) a much stronger approach, enabling Fullbridge to enter the market with greater confidence in their potential for success.”

“The ThinkTank and Maven experts were everything we expected and more. It was a 100% superb experience! We were able to gain many insights into the professional development industry. The expert feedback and advice will be crucial in helping us craft our messaging and position our new product. You have a great product that will forever change the way I think about focus groups!”


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